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Today on our ZEGROUP blog we talk about five aspects before choosing a juicer for our business or investment.

Five aspects when choosing a juicer.

  1. Using the best technique for juice extraction.
We have to look for a machine special and different from conventional juicers design, which principle it´s to press the crust during the extraction process. Those machines do not separate cleanly the pulp and the juice is not pure, eliminating its true taste and vitamins richness.

  1. Providig the maximum performance of our business.
Before we choose from the wide variety of juicers, we should think how far we want to go, it is very important to know the amount of output before you choose. There is a juicer for

every need, such as Minimax which squeezes 15 oranges per minute, or the FASTTOP capable to squeeze 45 oranges per minute.

  1. Knowing the components generate security.
If we think of a juicer that assures us production, we must analyze what its made of, stainless steel gears and shafts, thinking having clean looking self-wash system that helps

maintenance and having sealed design. These way we prevent external agents getting dirty, creating reliability and certainty a long-term operation as planned.

  1. Powerful engine and low electricity consume.
We often think only an attractive image sells, but also have heard that the important thing is always inside and, when choosing a juicer that gives us a significant scope and

duration must think of the engine. We do not get into technical details but it is important to know that 0.55 KW power engine is recommended to obtain up to 200 liters of juice in one hour.

  1. Importing from a country that builds trust in quality.
We know that countries like Germany, Spain, USA and Switzerland are listed and recognized as the best in quality, though China we find different machines qualities, it is always important to know that an investment must be backed up, thinking this is thinking that a machine can be able to produce the investment to buy another one, and not to replace it because time use and low quality.

¡Return to the nature!

Nowadays, people want everything they want in the “right now” moment. And our foods have not escaped this. The called “fast” drinks and foods have become the main feed supply, and it´s only when people noticed changes in their physical appearance, like obesity, when they tried to correct it before it brings other consequences such as heart problems or diabetes.

Drinks like soda often accompany our daily meals. And altough we know they have a lot of sugar, coloring, preservatives and artificial flavors, they are currently the most sold in the world. Major brands spend millions on advertising, generating feelings that lead us to feed our beliefs in order to convert us in faithful consumers, and then, we are not able to eat something without a bubbly, cold and desirable soda.

We also find other companies focused on generating products with fruit illustrations and elaborate brand work. Reading the labels we can find artificial flavors, colorants and preservatives to keep it´s conservation, they call themselves juices and many of us have seen everywhere, in boxes, gals or very attractive packs.

If you’re reading and feel fairly or closely identified with this post, a question may arise: What can i do to feed myself better?. Our recommendation: Return to nature.

Now let’s talk about what is return to nature. The true natural juice coming directly from the fruit, without intervention of elements lengthen their conservation, with this we can take their vitamins, minerals, fiber and simple sugars that fill us with energy and vitality. Another benefit is that we will have a young and healthy look, by preventing oxidation processes that coming with aging. World Health Organization (WHO) ask us to consume 3-5 fruits a day to accomplished the required minimum vitamins and minerals.

Another advise is drinking juices that are just prepared either in our home or coming out of a juice squeezer, where we can see how it is making.

Possibly our customs affect our decision about what and how we eat, but in the end you are the only one who choose, do it right!

The juicer you need according to your need

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